About us

Lottosportsbet.com.ng is an online platform that provides you with all recent scholarship updates.

Lottosportsbet.com.ng was birthed in 2019 with the passion to provide valid scholarship opportunities for every student. Seeing students from different races succeeding in getting their desired schools is what drives us. This success keeps us going every morning and motivates us to develop leading scholarships channels that bridge the gaps and connects students to the right school they want.

Why Our Trending Scholarships?

Attending college or university can be extremely complicated, and expensive, for anyone. In addition, international students must also obtain a student visa, to study abroad, and that paperwork can be even more intimidating. 

Our Trending Scholarships assists students, and parents, with free information on how to easily navigate potential roadblocks to attending the college or university of their choice.

We provide free and useful resources from individual schools on various scholarships openings including undergraduates, postgraduates, masters, doctorate and others to enable student gain acceptance.

Listed below are exclusive free information you also get:

  • Scholarship availability and application
  • College and university application
  • Master degree application